“Sacred Vastu Principles for Temples”

According to Vastushastra, the Eshanya Kona (East North-East or North-East zone) is considered Deva Moola, the abode of God. Ideally, the Temple should be constructed in this zone. Alternatively, the Temple may be positioned in the East, North, or North-North-East zone of your property.

Ensure that the photos and idols of God are facing the Poorav disha (East side) or Paschim disha (West side). This means that either the devotee performing Puja should face the Poorav disha (East side), or God’s photo and moorti should face the Poorav disha (East side). Avoid creating overhead cabinets or cupboards above the Temple or Poojasthaan.

The Mandir should be made of marble or wood, while it is best to avoid placing a Temple made of aluminum, steel, or plastic.

When placing the Temple in your kitchen, living room, or dining area, it is crucial to maintain its sanctity. Avoid placing used utensils, non-vegetarian food, or alcohol near the temple zone.

Refrain from displaying too many duplicate moortis or photos of the same God/Goddess/Guru ji.

To enhance the spiritual atmosphere, make it a practice to light a diya, agarbatti (incense sticks), or ‘sambrani dhoop’ in the temple every day, preferably in the evening.

Ensure that the Temple and pictures/statues of God are not installed on a toilet common wall or positioned in a way that they back your bedroom.

For purifying the mind, body, and environment, we recommend using the Spray Bottle Holy Ganga Jal. Regularly spray it on your body, especially the forehead, and throughout the entire property.

We recommend installing our Divine Connect Yantra Frame, which includes the Shree Yantra, Lord Vastu Devta Vedic Yantra, Lord Kuber Vedic Yantra, and Nav Grah Vedic Yantra, in the temple area. Regularly recite the mantras and perform worship to benefit from the following mystical benefits: optimized financial growth and stability, harmonized environment, rectification of Vastu doshas, experience of peace, happiness, progress, success, and minimized negative effects of adverse planetary positions.

To fulfill your desires and wishes, place the Kamdhenu Cow Statue ideally in the South-East, East of South-East, South-West, or North zone of the property.

For financial abundance and growth, place the Safe in the North zone or ensure that the Safe opens towards the North zone. You can further enhance financial opportunities by placing a Lord Kuber Devta ji Yantra in the safe, vault, tijori, or cash drawer.

For divine protection and energizing the Entrance, consider installing a religion-based picture or symbol above the entrance door frame, both from inside and outside. Options include Lord Ganesha ji Picture, Panchmukhi Hanumanji picture, Tirupati Balaji Symbol, Salasar ji Picture, Swastik Symbol, Om Symbol, Ek Onkar Symbol, Jai Mata Di Symbol, Om Namah Shivay Symbol, Navkar Symbol, Om-Swastik Trishul Symbol, and Shubh Labh Symbol.

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