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Sow Success, Reap Abundance: Embrace Farm Vastu’s Vital Energy.

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Sailyajit Farming Vastu helps farmers in North East India make the most of their poultry, dairy, and agriculture businesses. They use Vastu principles to make sure farms are in tune with the natural energies around them, which can bring more harmony and success.
Their advice covers both old-fashioned and modern farming methods, and they work with experts to come up with personalized solutions to make farms more productive and efficient.
Sailyajit Farming Vastu looks at everything from how the land is laid out to the way buildings are positioned, aiming to create a good environment for growth and prosperity. Whether it's setting up new buildings or improving existing ones, their guidance focuses on working with nature to benefit plants, animals, and people.
By blending ancient Vastu knowledge with modern farming techniques, Sailyajit Farming Vastu helps farmers get the most out of their land and resources. This can lead to sustainable growth and success in the farming industry.

  1. Send one page layout plan (drawing / sketch) of the property. (incase of Bungalow, then please send 1 page layout plan of each floor).
  2. Please mark the Magnetic North direction on the layout plan (drawing).
  3. For better insight, you could send photographs of the property i.e. if it is a commercial office then please send photographs of the main door (from outside and inside), conference room, cubicle, cabins etc. (sending the photographs is suggested, but, it is optional).
  4. You may send up to 5 Questions / Queries / History / Feedback pertaining to the property.


We will examine and analyze the Layout considering 16+1 Directions, Navgrah, PachTatvas Elements, Activity, etc., and take note of the Vastu Positives & Vastu Doshas (flaws) in the Property.


We will provide guidance regarding the modifications, alterations to be made in the layout, activity, colors, placements, etc., which will help energize the property and reduce the Vastu Doshas.


If Vastu Doshas that cannot be rectified on a physical level, we will offer guidance on the placement of specific effective Vastu Dosh Remedy Products to address those Vastu Doshas.


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