Living Room

“Living Harmony: Vastu Tips for Cozy Spaces”

Position the living room in the Uttar disha (North) or Poorav disha (East zone) of the home.

Avoid placing the living room in the Nairuti kona (South-West zone) of the home.

Make a conscious effort to face the positive side, Uttar disha (North) or Poorav disha (East), at all times.

During discussions, the head of the family and senior members should sit facing the Uttar disha (North) or Poorav disha (East).

Guests and visitors should face the Paschim disha (West) or Dakshin disha (South).

Keep Uttar disha (North zone) and Poorav disha (East zone) windows open for extended periods to allow positive energies to flow into the home.

Keep the windows in the Poorav disha (East zone) and Uttar disha (North zone) open for extended periods to allow abundant Cosmic Energy to flow into your room. If there are no windows on the East side, consider installing the Soorya Devtaji Mural on the Poorav disha (East side) wall.

Place mirrors in the Uttar disha (North zone) or Poorav disha (East zone).

Avoid placing beds, sofas, or office desks under exposed over-head beams to prevent sitting or sleeping below them.

Avoid installing paintings, pictures, or statues depicting singular women, wild animals, sadness, deserts, statues of elephants with downward trunks, pathjhar, taj-mahal, dry flower arrangements, etc. Instead, opt for pictures and posters that convey happiness, vibrancy, and liveliness.

Position a Kamdhenu Cow Statue in the East-South-East or South-East zone of the office to alleviate encountered issues.

To enhance finances and attract opportunities, position a Tortoise in a Plate with Natural Crystals (filled with water).

Adorn the walls with paintings that radiate positivity, such as Mount Kailash (at South-West) and 7 White Running Horses (at North-West). In other areas, choose wall hangings depicting Flowers, Religious symbols, or Yantra Mandalas.

Arrange substantial furniture and cupboards in the Nairuti kona (South-West zone) of the living room.

If a room has a missing corner or a cut corner, consider installing our Vastu Product Power Grid Stick on the affected wall, at a height of 6 feet or higher.

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