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यथा पिण्डे तथा ब्रह्माण्डे

“Yatha Pinde tatha Brahmande”

— Sanskrit Proverb

You are a Universe within the Universe.

As with the self so with the universe.

Whats going on within you is same as whats going on in the Universe.

Welcome to the world of harmonious living and balanced spaces, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary design. Sailyajit Vastu, a seasoned Modern Vastu Consultant and Interior Expert, with an illustrious journey spanning over 18 years. Nestled in the picturesque city of Guwahati, Assam, Sailyajit brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the realm of Vastu and interior consulting.

In a fast-paced world where the significance of holistic living is gaining prominence, Sailyajit Vastu emerges as a guiding light, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. With a deep-rooted understanding of Vastu Shastra, the age-old Indian architectural science, combined with a keen eye for contemporary aesthetics, Acharya Sailyajit offers a unique blend of timeless principles and innovative designs.

Having spent nearly two decades refining his craft, Sailyajit Vastu has honed his skills in creating spaces that not only captivate the eye but also nurture the soul. His journey began as an apprentice under renowned Vastu masters, and over the years, he has evolved into a sought-after consultant who seamlessly integrates Vastu principles into modern interior design concepts.

Located in the heart of Guwahati, Assam, Acharya Sailyajit’s consultancy serves as a haven for those who seek to transform their living and working spaces into sanctuaries of positive energy and well-being. With a client portfolio ranging from private residences to commercial ventures, his holistic approach has garnered acclaim for fostering environments that exude tranquility, productivity, and holistic balance.

Whether you’re embarking on a new architectural project, revitalizing an existing space, or simply yearning for a more harmonious living experience, Sailyajit Vastu’s consultancy stands as a beacon of guidance. Join us on a journey that marries the wisdom of ancient practices with the innovation of modern design, all under the expert guidance of Sailyajit Vastu—a name synonymous with excellence, experience, and a profound understanding of the art of living in harmony.

About Acharya Sailyajit

Acharya Sailyajit, an Occult Mentor, carries the legacy of Assamese Vedic Astrology within his veins. He hails from a traditional family in Guwahati, Assam, nestled in the embrace of Adi Shakti Maa Kamakhya’s land in India. The intricate science of Astrology and Vastu has flowed down through generations, gifted by his ancestors. Embarking on his journey into the realms of astrology, Vastu and numerology at the tender age of 15, he has since become a beacon of astrological wisdom in Guwahati.

With over 18 years of seasoned expertise, Acharya Sailyajit has garnered an esteemed reputation. His mastery extends beyond astrology to encompass Vastu, Palmistry, Gemology, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, specialization in Kaal Sarp Yog, and the profound Kamakhya Tantra. He doesn’t just provide accurate remedies; he offers lifelong protection and guidance to his clientele, aiming to infuse their lives with bliss through his distinct approach to astrological calculations.

Acharya Sailyajit’s academic journey reflects his multifaceted knowledge. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Guwahati University (Assam), a Post-Graduate degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, and a post-graduate diploma in Public Relations from Mumbai’s Rajendra Prasad Institute of Communication and Management. His pursuit of knowledge led him to earn a Master’s in Mass Communication from Guru Jambheshwar University, Hissar, and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Sikkim Manipal University.

Acharya Sailyajit’s corporate voyage spanned 16 years across distinguished organizations, including Vodafone, Dish TV India Limited, Reliance Communications Limited, Reliance Broadcasting Ltd. (Big 92.7FM), Adlabs Films Ltd., and Videocon Industries. His managerial roles equipped him to offer expert guidance on various aspects of life, from careers and health to love, finances, and marriage.

Not merely limited to personal consultations, Acharya Sailyajit established the Sarveshwaraa Gurukul of Occult Sciences in Mayaog, Assam. This revered institution imparts occult science education to the next generation, safeguarding and perpetuating ancient knowledge.

Acharya Sailyajit’s contributions extend worldwide, with a client base that spans the globe. Through his comprehensive expertise in astrology, vastu, numerology, palmistry, tarot reading, and Kamakhya Tantra, he has illuminated paths for countless individuals, enabling them to recognize their potential and surmount challenges.

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Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Chennai
International Astrology Federation Inc, USA
International Tarot Foundation, USA

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