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Welcome to Sailyajit Vastu, the best vastu consultant in Guwahati. With a deep understanding of the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, we provide the best vastu consultancy service in Guwahati. Our aim is to bring prosperity and positivity into your life by harmonizing your living and working spaces with nature’s energy. Trust us to guide you towards a balanced and successful life.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science that guides the design and construction of spaces in harmony with natural forces and cosmic energies. know more for the best Vastu consultant in Guwahati, Assam.

Based on traditional Hindu beliefs, it aims to create balanced and positive environments for individuals and communities. Vastu Shastra encompasses principles of spatial arrangement, orientation, and elemental balance to promote health, prosperity, and spiritual well-being. It addresses various aspects of life, such as residential and commercial spaces, land selection, and interior design. 

By aligning structures with Vastu principles, it is believed that one can harness positive energies, leading to enhanced living experiences and a more harmonious existence.

best vastu consultant in Guwahati

Why Choose Sailyajit Vastu?

Why choose Sailyajit Vastu? The answer is simple. As the best vastu consultant in Guwahati, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to bring harmony and prosperity into your life. Our vastu consultancy service is recognized as the best vastu consultancy service in Guwahati because we combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques to provide solutions that are both effective and practical.

Our founder, Sailyajit, is a top vastu shastra expert in Guwahati. His deep understanding of the principles of vastu shastra and his ability to apply them to modern living spaces sets him apart from others in the field. He has helped numerous clients achieve balance and success in their personal and professional lives through his expert advice.

At Sailyajit Vastu, we pride ourselves on offering the leading vastu services in Guwahati. Our team of experienced consultants works closely with clients to understand their needs and provide personalized solutions. We believe that every space, whether it’s a home or an office, has the potential to be a source of positivity and prosperity. Our goal is to help you unlock this potential.

We are known for our professional vastu services in Guwahati. Our approach is thorough and meticulous. We take into account every detail, from the layout of your space to the direction of sunlight, to ensure that your environment is in harmony with the principles of vastu shastra. We provide clear, easy-to-follow advice that can be implemented without any major disruptions to your daily life.

Finally, as an experienced vastu consultant in Guwahati, Sailyajit has a deep understanding of the local culture and traditions. This allows him to provide advice that is not only effective but also respectful of your beliefs and customs.

Choosing Sailyajit Vastu means choosing the best. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and helping you create a living or working space that brings you peace, prosperity, and success.

Our Vastu Services

Harmonize spaces with Vastu – Home, office, land, and more. Positive energies for a balanced life.

Residential Vastu

Harmonize your home with positive energy using Vastu principles.

Commercial Vastu

Optimize business spaces for success and prosperity with Vastu.

Vastu for Land

Choose the right plot and balance energies for a promising future.

Factory Vastu

Balanced Energies: Enhancing Resorts and Factories with Vastu Principles.

Resort and Hotel Vastu

Harness the earth’s natural energies to create an auspicious foundation for your endeavors.

Hospital Vastu

Optimize Healing Spaces: Harmonize Energies for Health and Well-being.


Align Vastu and astrology to create favorable cosmic influences.

Spiritual Vastu

Create sacred spaces to enhance spiritual harmony and growth.

Interior Vastu

Transform interiors with Vastu-compliant designs and layouts.

Vastu for Prosperity

Attract wealth and abundance with Vastu practices.

Remedial Vastu

Correct imbalances and negative energies for a harmonious life.

Vastu for Health & Wellness

Vastu insights for healthy living spaces and positive energy flow.

Our Vastu Course

Vastu Tips

Enhance Productivity, Sales, Efficiency & Profitability in Business

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Bathroom & Toilet

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Office Space

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Living Room

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Vastu Tips

About Me

Welcome to the world of harmonious living and balanced spaces, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary design. Sailyajit Vastu, a seasoned Modern Vastu Consultant, and Interior Expert, with an illustrious journey spanning over 18 years. Nestled in the picturesque city of Guwahati, Assam, Best Vastu Consultant Sailyajit brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the realm of Vastu and interior consulting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science that guides the design and construction of spaces in harmony with natural forces and cosmic energies, aiming to create balanced and positive environments for well-being.

Vastu can positively impact your life by enhancing the flow of positive energies in your surroundings, promoting health, prosperity, and overall harmony in your living or working space.

Yes, Vastu can help create a healthier living environment by suggesting appropriate room placements, colors, and layouts, which may contribute to better physical and mental well-being.

No, Vastu principles can be applied to various spaces, including homes, offices, commercial establishments, land, and even spiritual centers, to optimize energy flow and create a positive atmosphere.

Yes, Vastu remedies and enhancements can attract positive energies for financial growth, potentially improving business opportunities and career success.

Vastu principles can foster better communication, harmony, and understanding among family members, creating a conducive environment for healthy relationships.

Yes, we provide online Vastu consultations for clients who prefer remote services, ensuring the same level of expertise and guidance as in-person consultations.

For a Vastu consultation, we may require floor plans, photographs, and relevant details about the property or space to offer personalized recommendations.

Yes, Vastu for Land services can help you select an auspicious location for your new house or property, aligning it with positive energies for your well-being.

Vastu changes can be simple and cost-effective, depending on the specific enhancements needed. Minor adjustments can often have a significant impact on the space.

The time frame for experiencing the effects of Vastu changes varies based on individual circumstances and the scale of adjustments made. Some may notice positive changes quickly, while others may take longer.

Yes, implementing Vastu principles in a commercial space can create a harmonious work environment, potentially improving productivity and attracting success.

Vastu principles can be adapted to complement modern architectural designs, ensuring a balance between traditional wisdom and contemporary aesthetics.

Vastu remedies are based on ancient knowledge and principles aimed at optimizing energy flow. They focus on practical changes rather than superstition.

Vastu principles are rooted in ancient Indian traditions, but they are not limited to any particular culture or religion. The principles of harmony and balance apply universally.


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