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Experience the Harmony of Nature with Sailajit Vastu's Landscaping Services

Sailajit Vastu, your one-stop destination for exquisite landscaping services in Guwahati, Assam, is dedicated to transforming your outdoor space into a haven of peace and tranquility. We believe your garden is an extension of your living area, and our skilled team works diligently to craft landscapes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also aligned with Vastu principles for holistic well-being.

Our Services

Landscape Design & Consultation

We collaborate closely with you to understand your vision and create a personalized landscape design that complements your property’s architecture and your lifestyle.

Garden Installation & Planting

Our experts handle all aspects of garden installation, from meticulous soil preparation and plant selection to proper planting techniques.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

We offer comprehensive lawn care programs, including mowing, edging, weeding, fertilization, and pest control, ensuring your lawn stays lush and healthy throughout the year.

Hardscaping & Features

We create stunning hardscapes like patios, walkways, retaining walls, and water features, adding functionality and visual interest to your outdoor space.


In addition to our landscaping expertise, Sailajit Vastu provides comprehensive irrigation solutions, including design, construction, and maintenance, ensuring your landscape thrives.

Some Other Services

Arbors, pergolas, trellises, and cabanas

Hardscaping, stonework, and masonry

Patios and decks

Outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens

Putting greens

Bocce courts

Landscape lighting

Gardens, vineyards, and edible gardens

Water features

Fire pits

Gates and fences

Dog houses and dog runs

Storage and sheds

Synthetic turf installation

In addition to our core landscaping services, Sailajit Vastu also specializes in crafting unique outdoor features. We design and build stunning hardscapes like patios, decks, and walkways, incorporating stonework and masonry for a touch of elegance. Transform your backyard into an entertainment haven with custom outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, or even a putting green.

We can create relaxing water features, cozy fire pits, and secure your space with stylish gates and fences. Pet owners will appreciate our custom dog houses and runs, while storage sheds keep your outdoor essentials organized. For a low-maintenance solution, we also offer synthetic turf installation.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What landscaping services do you offer in Guwahati?

A: Sailajit Vastu provides a comprehensive range of landscaping services in Guwahati, Assam, to create your dream outdoor space. We specialize in landscape design & consultation, garden installation & planting, lawn care & maintenance, hardscaping & features (including patios, walkways, and water features), seasonal color & lighting, and irrigation solutions (design, construction, and maintenance).
A: Landscaping costs in Guwahati can vary depending on the size and complexity of your project, the materials used, and the specific services required. We recommend scheduling a free consultation with Sailajit Vastu to discuss your project and receive a personalized quote.
A: Absolutely! Sailajit Vastu is unique in its integration of Vastu Shastra principles into our landscape designs. We believe in creating outdoor spaces that not only look beautiful but also promote harmony and well-being according to ancient Indian directional energy practices.
A: Scheduling a consultation with Sailajit Vastu is easy! You can contact us through our website, call us directly, or visit our office in Guwahati. We look forward to discussing your landscaping needs and helping you create a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

A: Professional landscaping offers a multitude of benefits for your home and property. Here are just a few:

  • Increased Curb Appeal: A well-designed and maintained landscape enhances the overall aesthetics of your property, making it more inviting.
  • Improved Property Value: Studies consistently show that professionally landscaped homes sell faster and for a higher price.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Living: A beautiful and functional outdoor space allows you to enjoy the outdoors and create lasting memories with loved ones.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Professional landscapers use the right techniques and materials, minimizing the need for ongoing maintenance on your part.
  • Environmental Benefits: Proper landscaping can improve drainage, reduce erosion, and provide habitat for wildlife.

By investing in professional landscaping with Sailajit Vastu, you can reap these benefits and more, creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space that reflects your unique style

Cultivate Your Dream Garden Today

Contact Sailajit Vastu for a free consultation and let us transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary of serenity. We look forward to working with you and creating a landscape that reflects your unique style and fosters a sense of well-being.

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