“Vastu for Harmonious Building Design”

Storage of Bricks, Cement etc.

While constructing, avoid placing marble, bricks, wooden planks, junk, iron beams/rods in the Eshanya Kona (North-East zone), Poorav disha (East zone), Uttar disha (North zone), and the Brahmasthan (central zone) of the main plot/property.

Store all bricks, marble, sand, and cement in the Prithvi Tatva (South-West zone) of the plot/property.

Ensure that the ground level and roof level of the South-West, South, and West zone are higher than the North-East, East, and North zone.

Energize the Columns/Footings/Property

The presence of Vastu Doshas and Geopathic Stress in the plot of land can impact the inhabitants. To counter these issues, we recommend installing the Divine Oorja Cube during the casting of the columns (pillars) with the concrete mixture RMC. It is best to place it at the footing/basement level. The Divine Oorja Cube helps activate and energize the property while clearing any Geopathic Stress affecting the structure.

For Vastu remedies, consider installing Vastu Energizer or Sthaan Pavitram below the flooring or within the walls. You can place the Vastu Energizer in various zones: (i) below the ‘Tijori’ (vault), (ii) at the four corners of the bedrooms, (iii) in the four corners of the cabins, (iv) in the 13 directions of the property (N, NNE, NE, E, SE, S, SW, WSW, W, NW, NNW), and (v) in the Brahmasthaan (center of the property). This installation aids in correcting the Oorja (Energy) levels and enhancing the Supreme Energy Level of the property.

Additionally, we recommend installing the Power Grid Stick above the Main Door Frame. The Power Grid Stick, a copper pipe filled with potent ingredients, creates a powerful energy field (grid) within the property and reduces negative vibes. It is highly recommended for properties with Main Doors in the East South-East, South-East, or South zones.

Rectify the Irregular Shaped Plot

An irregularly shaped plot of land or building line is considered a Vastu Dosha. To rectify this issue, we recommend installing a Vastu Boundary Energy Cylinder beneath the ground level, along with a metal strip patti, to virtually divide the plot and address the Vastu Dosha caused by its irregular shape.

Spray Holy Ganga Jal / Sarovar Jal

For purifying the mind, body, and environment, we recommend incorporating the routine use of the Spray Bottle Holy Ganga Jal. Spray it on your body, particularly the forehead, and throughout the entire property regularly.

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