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“Optimizing Main Door Energy with Vastu”

According to Vastushastra, the Main Door should ideally be situated in the East, North, North-East, or West zone. However, if the door is located in the East-South-East, South, South-South-West, South-West, or West-North-West zone, it is considered highly inauspicious.

Regardless of the direction in which the Main Door is located, for divine protection and to energize the entrance, it is recommended to install any of the following items above the entrance door frame (both from inside and outside): Lord Ganesha ji Picture, Panchmukhi Hanumanji Picture, Tirupati Balaji Symbol, Salasar ji Picture, Swastik Symbol, Om Symbol, Ek Onkar Symbol, Jai Mata Di symbol, Om Namah Shivay Symbol, Navkar Symbol, Om-Swastik Trishul Symbol, or Shubh Labh Symbol.

If your Main Door happens to be in the South-West or West of South-West zone, it is advisable to place our Vastu Vitalizer Pyramid above the main door frame. Install it on the acrylic shelf for the best results.


Ideally, avoid placing the Main Door in the South, South-South-West, or South-West zone. However, if your Main Door happens to be in any of these directions, consider installing a Panchmukhi Hanumanji picture above the main door frame both inside and outside.

It is believed that Maa Mahalaxmi ji enters properties that are welcoming and attractive. Therefore, ensure that your main door is in good condition, clean, well polished, and vibrant. You may also enhance its appearance by installing a decorative ‘toran’ or ‘bhandanwar’.

Keep the main door hinges well oiled and lubricated to avoid any noise or creaking sound, as unpleasant sounds can disrupt the positive energy flow.

To dispel negativity and ward off evil forces, place a light outside the main door and keep it switched on, especially during the evening hours. Additionally, lighting a Diya can also contribute to this positive effect.

The Main Door should ideally open inwards in a clockwise direction (towards the left side) to ensure a frictionless flow of energy into the property.

Avoid having any dustbin, garbage, or unclean items in front of the Main Door.

Having a tree, pole, sharp-cornered object, or structure in front of the shop, office, or home, or pointing towards the Main Door can cause ‘Dwaar Vedh’ or ‘Vedh Shoola,’ which is considered inauspicious. Such instances should be avoided, as they may lead to problems and disturbances in business or daily life.

Avoid placing the Kitchen directly in front of the Main Door, as it may lead to burning away opportunities and energy entering the property. Similarly, having a Toilet directly in front of the Main Door can lead to the flushing or draining away of positive energies.

To enhance positive energies and minimize negative vibes, consider installing a Power Grid Stick above the Main Door Frame. The Power Grid Stick, a copper pipe filled with potent ingredients, helps create a powerful energy field (grid) within the property. It is particularly beneficial for properties with Main Doors in the East South-East, South-East, or South zones.

For divine protection, you can install the Shubh Labh Symbol above the Cabin door frame or bedroom door frame, both inside and outside

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