“Vastu for Productive Office Spaces”

Ensure that all Directors, HOD, Executives, Staff, and Workers face the positive directions, i.e., Uttar disha (North direction) or Poorav disha (East direction) at all times.

To maintain focus, keep the study desk clean, clear, and clutter-free. Avoid unnecessary items and too many books lying around on the desk.

Allow abundant Cosmic Energy to flow into your room by keeping the Poorav disha (East zone) and Uttar disha (North zone) windows open for maximum time. If there are no windows on the East side, consider installing the Soorya Devtaji Mural on the Poorav disha (East side) wall.

Avoid sharp-cornered furniture or columns. Do not sit below overhead beams or sharp-cornered cabinets or open shelves.

The Computer room is best located in the South-East or West zone.

The Pantry should be positioned in the South-East or North-West.

The Marketing department is recommended to be in the North-West.

The Cashier’s area should be in the North.

The Purchase department and others can be situated in the South or West.

The Reception area is suitable for the North or East.

If the Cabin door is in the South, West, South-West, or South-East zone, consider installing the Shubh Labh Symbol above the Cabin door frame (both inside and outside) for Divine protection. You may also install the Shubh Labh Symbol above all Cabin Door Frames.

For enhanced growth, progress, and financial benefits, it is ideal to place the Vastu Vitalizer Pyramid or Pyramid Ultima Pro on the Cash Counter, in the Cash Drawer, Tijori (Vault Locker), and on Important Files/Documents. These installations offer mystical benefits that can improve your chances of gaining further growth and financial benefits.

Place an Aurex underneath or below the Table/Desk Top to energize the space. This is highly recommended for Director desks, HOD desks, and all desks oriented towards South or located in the WNW, ESE, and SSW zone.

To minimize issues being faced, keep a Kamdhenu Cow Statue at the East-South-East or South-East zone of the Office.

For resolving Government or Banking-related issues, position an Ashoka Pillar Wooden Statue in the North-West zone of the office.

To improve finances and gain more opportunities, place a Tortoise in a Plate along with Natural Crystals and water.

For financial stability and increased fund flow, install Kuber Devtaji Yantra in the cash drawer, vault, safe, tijori, and at the North zone of the office.

Install Wall Hanging Paintings that depict positive vibes, such as Mount Kailash at South-West and 7 White Running Horses at North-West. In other zones, hang paintings depicting Flowers, Religious symbols, and Yantra Mandalas.

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