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Rectify Vastu defects and imbalances with our Remedial Vastu services.

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Discover Your Dream Home with Confidence!
Are you looking to buy a new flat or house?
Before you make that important decision, ensure your new home is a sanctuary of positivity and harmony. Our Vastu Consultation & Entity Scanning Vastu services help you identify and eliminate negative energies, ensuring a peaceful and prosperous living environment.
Know about the negative energy before buying.
Transform your new flat or house into a haven of positivity.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Send one page layout plan (drawing / sketch) of the property. (incase of Bungalow, then please send 1 page layout plan of each floor).
  2. Please mark the Magnetic North direction on the layout plan (drawing).
  3. For better insight, you could send photographs of the property i.e. if it is a commercial office then please send photographs of the main door (from outside and inside), conference room, cubicle, cabins etc. (sending the photographs is suggested, but, it is optional).
  4. You may send up to 5 Questions / Queries / History / Feedback pertaining to the property.


We will examine and analyze the Layout considering 16+1 Directions, Navgrah, PachTatvas Elements, Activity, etc., and take note of the Vastu Positives & Vastu Doshas (flaws) in the Property.


We will provide guidance regarding the modifications, alterations to be made in the layout, activity, colors, placements, etc., which will help energize the property and reduce the Vastu Doshas.


If Vastu Doshas that cannot be rectified on a physical level, we will offer guidance on the placement of specific effective Vastu Dosh Remedy Products to address those Vastu Doshas.


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