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“Bedroom Harmony: Vastu Tips for Peaceful Sleep”

The master bedroom should ideally be in the Nairuti Kona (South-West zone) of the house to promote better control, coordination, and a peaceful life. Avoid placing the bed in the South-South-West, West-North-West, or East-South-East zones of the home.

Nairuti Kona (South-West zone) bedroom is not recommended for children, especially unmarried girls. It is preferable to allocate the Vayu Kona (North-West zone) for the bedroom of unmarried girls or as a guest bedroom.

The South-East direction is considered the ‘Agnisthaan’ or zone of Fire. People sleeping in the South-East zone bedroom may experience aggression, hyper temperament, and irritation. Young couples and individuals with an angry nature should avoid sleeping in the South-East area bedroom.

Ensure that the bed is positioned with your head aligned towards the Dakshin disha (South) or the Poorav disha (East). Avoid sleeping with your head towards the Uttar disha (North) to prevent sleepless nights and feelings of restlessness and unease.

We recommend placing Rose Quartz Crystals on the couple’s bedside table for its mystical benefits, which include gaining abundance of peace, happiness, love, and a happy, contented life.

To energize the home and minimize negativity, regularly spray Holy Ganga Jal in the bedrooms, temple, main door, and throughout the entire home.

Ideally, place Vastu Vitalizer Pyramid or Pyramid Ultima in the Tijori (Vault Locker), on the study desk, on the bedside table, and on important files/documents. These installations offer mystical benefits, enhancing your chances for further growth, progress, and financial benefits.

Avoid leaving the walls blank or bare. Instead, install good wall hanging paintings that send positive signals to your mind. Consider Vastu concept-based Canvas Wall Hangings depicting religious symbols, couples, flowers, Mount Kailash, greenery, and 7 running horses.

Experience the transformative power of Vastu Kripa’s specialized Vastu remedies for the bedroom. Our expert guidance and effective solutions can enhance positive energy and harmony within your personal sanctuary. Even if your bed is in a zone not aligned with Vastu concepts, such as ESE (East South East), WNW (West North West), SSW (South South West), or any other, our remedies with Aurex Plus, RoseatteAurex Plus, Power Grid Sticks, etc., can be essential. Trust Vastu Kripa to be your partner in creating a harmonious space where you can truly relax and recharge. Elevate your bedroom with our Vastu remedies and embrace a new level of serenity

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