“Culinary Harmony: Vastu Tips for Your Kitchen”

Ideally, position the kitchen in the Agnisthaan (South-East zone) of the home, with the Vayu kona (North-West zone) as the second best option.

Place the gas burner stove in the Agni kona (South-East zone) of the kitchen, ensuring that the cook faces the Poorav disha (East zone) while cooking.

Install the sink, water filter, or pitcher (“matka”) in the Uttar disha (North zone), Eshanya kona (North-East zone), or Poorav disha (East zone) of the kitchen.

Position heaters, microwave ovens, tandoors, and toasters in the Agni kona (South-East zone) or Dakshin disha (South zone) of the kitchen.

Allocate the Dakshin disha (South zone) and Paschim disha (West zone) for the placement of the fridge, heavy kitchen cabinets, and other gadgets.

Avoid installing pictures, statues, sacred symbols, or murals of God on the toilet common wall.

Place the washbasin, shower, and mirror on the Uttar disha (North side) or the Poorav disha (East side).

Ensure that the toilet seat is not placed in the Eshanya Kona (North-East zone) of the bathroom.

Keep the North-East corner of the Kitchen clutter-free. Avoid placing gas burners, heaters, conventional ovens, microwaves, etc., in the Eshanya Kona (North-East zone).

Maintain a significant distance between the gas burner (fire element) and the sink, water matka, or water purifier (water element). Also, ensure that water bottles are not placed near the gas burner.

Opt for marble or maroon/brown granite instead of black or grey shaded granite for the kitchen platform/tiles. Choose light, subtle colored tiles like off-white, peach, light pink, cream, or light yellow.

Avoid using blue-colored laminate or kitchenware in a kitchen located in the South-East or South zone.

Avoid constructing a kitchen in the Eshanya Kona (North-East zone), Uttar disha (North zone), Nairuti Kona (South-West zone), or Brahmasthan (Central zone) of the home.

If the Kitchen is situated in the North, North-North-East, North-East, or East-North-East zone and relocation isn’t possible, consider affixing a Green Tape or a Green Marble on the Kitchen platform (below the gas stove/hob area). Incorporate the daily routine of spraying Holy Ganga Jal in the Kitchen.

For a Kitchen in the South-West, WSW, or West zone that cannot be moved, adhere a Yellow Tape or a Yellow Stone to the Kitchen platform (below the gas stove/hob area).

If the Gas Burner is located ‘not’ on the Eastern side or if the Kitchen is ‘not’ in the South-East, South-South-East, or North-West zone, place a Sthaan Pavitram on a shelf below the Gas hob/stove or affix (screw) the Aurex underneath the Gas Hob area.

Around the Dust-Bin area, virtually isolate or correct the energy imbalance by affixing the appropriate Color Tape or Copper/Brass/Stainless Steel/Aluminum Patti strip on the floor (based on the zone).

To virtually isolate or correct the ill effects of the Washing Machine, Dish-Washer & Clothes Dryer Machine, affix the relevant Color Tape or Copper/Brass/Stainless Steel/Aluminum Patti strip on the floor level (around the machine area).

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