Vastu Camel Figurine For Investments And Stock Markets

Camel Painting or Figurine symbolically represents survival against all odds. Camel also symbolizes endurance, persistence, adaptation, long-distance travel, resilience, survival, and safety. As per Vastu shastra keeping camel image, photo, painting, drawing, and figurine helps in overcoming health issues in the house. Metal camel figurine helps in overcoming bad luck. The camel figurine of metal […]

Ketu And Toilet Effects

Ketu is considered a sin planet in astrology and Vastu. Ketu is a mystical planet and it represents magic and miracles. Ketu is responsible for mindless and forceful things, Ketu Creates accidents, road rash, suicide, termination, fleeing home, rape, etc. If Ketu is positive in the horoscope and Vastu then it makes the person very […]

What Is Vastu Shastra?

These are some beneficial vastu tips for good health which you should incorporate in your daily life to see some magical and positive changes. If you’re looking to improve your overall well-being and maintain good health, incorporating Vastu tips into your lifestyle can be highly beneficial. But before jumping to the main part of the […]